An LED tile lighting system like no other!

Unique & Versatile LED Tile

One product for many applications. We designed an LED tile to build large lighting segments to light up any size project at proximity. With ToroTile®, your limited only by your imagination.

With ToroTile®, you can get closer to your backlit fabric, acrylic or film with uniform lighting and no visible hot spots. At only 5cm LED to LED pitch and a high lumen output, ToroTile® is the ideal choice for all closed framed applications, thin profile cloud lighing projects and much, much more...

Low voltage, low wattage, high lumens. Brighten up your projects with ToroTile® LED tile lighting system.

Truly Versatile

We encourage creativity with no boundaries. ToroTile® was desinged to be used in any lighting application with ease of use. Interconnecting tiles with on-board connectors is simple and fast. Covering a backboard with LEDs was never as fast and easy as with ToroTile®.

Power Efficient

With over 560 lumens per tile, 62lm per LED, you'll need less to acheive more. ToroTile® LEDs are power efficient and super bright with 105 lumens per watt and powered by 24vDC.

ToroTile LED Module

Online Simulator

We made it easy for our customers to calculate power segments and simulate framed projects, such as lightboxes or cloud lighting using ToroTile® LED tile lighting system with our easy to use online simulator.

The simulator can help you assess the scope of your project instantly for both cost and power requirements.

Click here to view simulator.

A Perfect Design

Engineered for perfect resuls, this LED tile is the solutions for almost any lighting application where depth, width and length are key factors in your project.

  • Ultra-thin aluminum PCB
  • Adhesive strips on back
  • Glossy reflective coating
  • 6" X 6" (15.4cm X 15.4cm)
  • 170° optical lens
  • 560lm output, 105lm/watt
  • LED Temp. 6500k, CCT > 80
  • Locking connectors
  • 24vDC, 5.3 watts per tile
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